Friday, August 11, 2006

Why Turkey should not be let into the EU   posted by Razib @ 8/11/2006 09:03:00 AM

I have a post on my other weblog that Turkey should not be let into the EU because it is more Creationist than the United States. I know that there are other reasons, but I think it is important to find wedges and avenues to convince those who aren't already part of the choir on these sort of issues, and the possibility that Turkey would unleash a bunch of literalist religionists in the secular funhouse that is post-Christian Europe is something that I think needs to be mentioned. If secular liberals think that "Jesusland" is bad, wait 'till they experience "Prophet Land" (Peace be upon him). One interesting finding of the new study: there isn't really a strong relationship between being conservative (supporting right-wing parties, being pro-life on abortion) and being against evolution in most of Europe, while in the United States there is a strong correlation. I emailed Derb about this, because I think it goes to supporting our contention that the connection that some conservatives in the United States make between the necessary relationship of their politics and anti-Darwinian stance is simply a function of particular American historical conditions (i.e., the coalescence between fundamentalist Christianity, literalism and Creationism, combined with the vibrancy of radical Protestantism in this nation). The flip side of this in the United States is that there are some on the Left who believe that to accept evolution is to necessarily accept the axioms of the Left. Ultimately all this politicization is simply a function of the American scene, it is not a universal law.

(my ideas in regards to politics, God and evolution have lately been strongly influenced by the reality that R.A. Fisher, the man whom I hold up as the most important figure in evolutionary thought aside from Darwin himself, was both a Tory and a Christian)