Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The art of seduction   posted by p-ter @ 11/01/2006 06:17:00 PM

Speaking of Machiavelli, here's an amusing passage from the New Yorker's profile (not online) of Robert Greene:
Greene is not a libertine. Drawing upon a list of the nine seducer types in his book (the Coquette, the Charmer, the Dandy, the Natural, etc.), he is, as he told me, "a reformed Rake." (Reformed rakes live in a constant danger or recidivism.) He lives with his girlfriend, Anna Biller, a filmaker and old-Hollywood fetishist, on whom he practiced some of the tactics suggested in "The Art of Seduction." Having seen her around Santa Monica, he got himself invited to a party at her house, where he slipped away to study her record collection. Afterward, he invited her to a Dubussy opera that he knew would appeal to her. Still, the victim resisted. So he asked her to his thirty-seventh birthday party. He also invited seven other attractive women, friends who, at his bidding, did little to dispel the impression that they might be sleeping with him. It worked. He and Biller have been together for ten years.
A move straight out of gc's playbook?