Friday, December 15, 2006

I am a conservative   posted by Razib @ 12/15/2006 09:13:00 PM

I'm a little tipsy right now (fair warning). An 11 hour day, 2 hours past its decent termination due to unexcepted events will necessitate such an occurrence. But let me confess something, I am now a much more confident and confirmed conservative and "man of the Right" than I was 36 hours ago. After being slammed by several fellow ScienceBlogers, I am at peace with my political orientation (the post which started it all). For the past few years, since I voted for Kerry in 2004, I have been in a limbo. The Right is not the Right, and the Left is still what it always was. And I seek. I sought. And yet the pact with Satan must be made on some day when the bill comes due. And now I've come to renew my contract, the personal is the political. As my friend Chet Snicker noted, I have a weakness for female beauty, it is a sin in which mine eyes indulge, a glory beneath which I shudder with awe. In it I do see the face of God in whom I do not believe. There are many joys and pleasures in my life, sweets which makes the journey tolerable. Books, conversation, drinks, food. And yes, beautiful women! As I told a friend, if the feminist Left bans due reverence and respect to female beauty (I don't imply here omnipresent and crass hooting & hollering, a fixation upon sex and copulation) 95% of males will vote Republican if the secret ballot still holds. Humans will remain human, that is all they are capable of, even if they be sinners. Gnothi seauton? No, know they friends! Let us climb the hill together and not dance to the tune of the shadows cast by our egos.