Monday, April 09, 2007

Scores on the new SAT for the 2006 cohort of college-bound seniors: Sex and ethnic breakdown   posted by Darth Quixote @ 4/09/2007 12:26:00 PM
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You can see it here. There are no surprises.

With two exceptions, each group shows a balanced profile in that it does no better or worse on Verbal than on Math, after each test has been normed relative to the entire test-taking population. The exceptions are males overall (who do about 30 points better on Math) and the group labeled "Asian, Asian American, or Pacific Islander" (about 70 points better on Math).

The rather large standard deviation of the Asian group suggests that it is in fact composed of two or more distributions. Regardless, the mean Verbal score for Asians is about 20 points lower than that for whites; the mean Math score is about 45 points higher. In fact, Math is too easy for some subgroup of Asians; a perfect 800 places an Asian only in the 98th percentile of his or her group.

The overall sex difference on Math is about 30 points in favor of males.

The white-black difference on the overall score is exactly 200 points. The Asian-black difference on Math alone is nearly 150 points.

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