Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Ghosts of Empires Past   posted by Razib @ 12/20/2008 05:51:00 PM

The blog Strange Maps is candy to a data fiend. I think most readers are aware that I'm one who believes that a thick network of historical & geographic information can be extremely useful in understanding the present; too many people forget that intelligence and ignorance get along just fine. But about a week ago there was a map which leaves you at a loss for words. First a description:
Mr Hecht did some overlay work, and came up with this remarkable fit: "The divide between the (more free-market) PO and the (more populist) PiS almost exactly follows the old border between Imperial Germany and Imperial Russia, as it ran through Poland! How about that for a long-lasting cultural heritage?!?" How about: amazing, bordering on the unbelievable?

Map below the fold (edited for greater clarity).