Monday, February 16, 2009

Creationism among doctors and the general public   posted by Razib @ 2/16/2009 01:30:00 PM

A few years ago there was a survey of Creationism among medical doctors. The short of is that though medical doctors are not as Creationist as the general public, a large minority are Creationists. The N's for some of the groups are rather small, but I thought it might be illustrative to compare the proportion of doctors who believed that humans were created by God as they appear now, and those who mostly or complete disagree with the contention that evolution is the best explanation for human life. Since the medical survey didn't disaggregate Protestants into evangelical and mainline, I substituted from another survey.

Acceptance of Creationism for Humans
  Doctors General Public
Jewish 3 17
Catholic 11 35
Hindu 11 14
Orthodox 37 36
Muslim 43 51
Protestant 35 66