Sunday, July 07, 2002

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Michael Jackson a victim of racism? This "black" "man" claims that he's a victim of racism. OK, it's funny on its face that Michael is claiming this, but note this about the article:
He also singled out Sony Music chairman Tommy Mottola, saying he was "mean, he's a racist, and he's very, very, very devilish." Jackson also accused Mottola of using "the n-word" when speaking about an unidentified black Sony artist. .... Jackson mentioned several black artists as victims of the industry, including James Brown, Mariah Carey and Sammy Davis Jr. Jackson alleged that Davis died penniless, although Davis' attorney said in 1990 that the "Rat Pack" member left an estate worth more than $6 million when he died.
Mariah Carey's father is Afro-Venezuelan-ergo she is black. She was once married to Tommy Mottola. How is that Mottola marries a "black women" (albeit, a phenotypically ambiguous one)-and is racist against blacks? Perhaps Mariah leaving him made him bitter against the race. Certainly doesn't point to a conspiracy to keep blacks down. So here's the summary: A black man that looks like a white woman is claiming that a swarthy Italian-American man that used to be married to a "high-yellow" black woman is racist against blacks. Something to chew on.