Sunday, July 10, 2005

Islamic Terrorists Recruiting At British Universities   posted by Razib @ 7/10/2005 03:09:00 PM

Over at ParaPundit.

From dossier 2:

...The ICM poll published in the Guardien on 15 March 2004 recorded 13% of British Muslims as thinking that further terrorist attacks on the USA would be justified.

...a minority of Muslims defend terrorism (up to 13%). A minority do not feel loyal to Britain (up to 26%)....

...By and large most young extremists fall into one of two groups: well educated undergraduates or with degrees and technical professional qualifications in engineering or IT; or under-achievers with few or no qualifications, and often a criminal background....

From dossier 3: Muslims were far more likely than young Christians to regard religon as important to their self-identity (74% against 18%). The figures for young Sikhs and Hindus were also Hind (63% and 62%)....

From dossier 4:

...Active citizenship: Participation of Muslims is around three quarters the rate of all faith communities as a whole. Young Muslims are least likely to participate, compared with all faith groups. Muslims are least likely of all faith groups to engage in volunteering....


Religion-Unemployed-Economically active-Economically inactive

No religion-6.1-75.2-24.8


Whether Muslims need to integrate

Date of poll-Yes-About right-No-Other

Guardian ICM June 2002-41-33-17-9
Guardian ICM June 2004-33-28-26-13

These numbers don't look pretty. I don't see any grounds for complacency. 1 in 10 British Muslims are hostile to the idea of Albion, to the nation of Albion. This is far more concerning than the lack of civic participation or relative economic lack of performance, but there isn't even that upside.

Update: I found it:

Al Qaeda’s members are not the Palestinian fourteen-year- olds we see on the news, but join the jihad at the average age of 26. Three-quarters were professionals or semi- professionals. They are engineers, architects, and civil engineers, mostly scientists. Very few humanities are represented, and quite surprisingly very few had any background in religion. The natural sciences predominate. Bin Laden himself is a civil engineer, Zawahiri is a physician, Mohammed Atta was, of course, an architect; and a few members are military, such as Mohammed Ibrahim Makawi, who is supposedly the head of the military committee.

Look, I come from a family predominantly (in the last 2 generations) of scientists, doctors and engineers. I love science and admire engineering. But this is just the plain truth, and it doesn't surprise me, I've run into way too many dumb-ass science people when it comes to politics and religion, and have experienced bizarro jeremiads from Muslim engineers.

P.S.: For the atheists and secularists out there, perhaps we should reconsider the large scale movement of peoples who have a pre-gelded view of their religious duties into the post-Christian West.