Friday, July 22, 2005

The Telegraph poll of British Muslims   posted by Razib @ 7/22/2005 11:40:00 PM

I figured I'd just reformat the poll results from The Telegraph that are making the rounds.

Q: Do you think the bombing attacks in London on July 7 were justified or not?

6% - On the balance justified
11%- On the balance not justified
77%- Not njustified at all
6% - Don't know

Q: Whether or not you think the attacks were justified, do you personally have any sympathy with the feelings and motives of those who carried out the attacks?

13%- Yes, a lot
11%- Yes, a little
16%- No, not much
55%- No, none at all
6% - Don't know

Q: Whether or not you have any sympath with the feelings of those who carreid out the attacks, do you think you understand why some behave in that way?

56%- Yes, I think I can understand
39%- No, I don't understand how anyone could behave like that
4% - Don't know

Q: The Prime Minister has described as 'perverted and poisonous' the ideas that led the London suicide bombers to carry out their attacks. Do you agree or disagree with him that their ideas must have been perverted and poisonous?

58%- Yes, I agree
26%- No, disagree
16%- Don't know

Q: How loyal would you say you personally feel towards Britain?

48%- Very loyal
33%- Fairly loyal
6% - Not very loyal
10%- Not at all loyal
4% - Don't know

Q: Which of these views comes closest to your own?

1% - Western society is decadent and immoral, and Muslims should seek to bring it to an end, if necessary by violence
31%- Western society is decadent and immoral, and Muslims should seek to bring it to an end, but only by non-violent means
56%- Western society may not be perfect, but Muslims should live with and not seek to bring it to an end
11%- Don't know

Q: Do you agree or disagree with this statement? 'British political leaders don't mean it when they talk about equality. They regard the lives of white British people as more valuable than the lives of British Muslims.'

52%- Agree
29%- Disagree
18%- Don't know

Q: If anyone is charged and put on trial in Britain in connection with the bombings on July 7, do you think they will or will not receive a fair trial?

37%- They will
44%- They will not
19%- Don't know

Q: The leaders of Britain's main political parties have said that they respect Islam and want to co-operate with Britain's Muslim communities. In general, do you think Britain's political leaders are sincere or not sincere when they say these things?

33%- Sincere
50%- Not sincere
16%- Don't know

Q: How much responsibility do you think Muslims show now take on for peventing such crimes and bringing to justice those who commit them?

32%- A great deal of responsibility
34%- Some responsibility
10%- Not much
14%- None at all
1% - Don't know

I left the last three poll questions off because I don't think they were that interesting and this post is a bit long. You can find them at the link above. My only comment is that many of these people expressing sympathetic opinions about the terrorists must be grotesquely stupid, since they surely knew that the results would be made public and perhaps generate further animus toward their community as a whole.