Sunday, August 21, 2005

Welcome to STALIN!   posted by TangoMan @ 8/21/2005 02:02:00 AM

Did you just read the latest mindless talking point on Red State or Daily Kos? Feeling frustrated? Wondering if the propaganda can get any worse? Wonder no more, for the North Korea News Agency archive is now on-line. Read your propaganda the way it's meant to be read, with over 50 megabytes of hard-core Stalinist propaganda at your fingertips, polished by the masters themselves, from the glittering city of Pyongyang where the vanguard of humanity shows the rest of us stooges the way of the future, the everlasting glory of Scientific Marxism.

Where else can you search a news database, STALIN, the STatistical Analyzer of Language In North Korean Propaganda, with terms like "U.S. imperialist ogres," "class enemies," "Human scum," "Inveterate," and "imperialist aggressor."

And a bonus for those who've grown jaded about propaganda written by fallible humans - a random insult generator that will create gems undreamt of by mere men. Create you own fantasy scenario - imagine that you have achieved the pinnacle of propaganda spinmeisterness - you're Mohammad Said Sahhaf, AKA Comical Ali, Saddam's lackey, ahem, I mean Information Minister, and there you are before the salivating media, captivating them with your briefing and then you get caught unawares by a question. You were in your moment of glory until that cretin reporter bellowed out his question, and now suddenly your mind goes blank. Never fear, one mouse click and you're saved, you look up, lean into the microphone and let fly with "You loudmouthed beast, your ridiculous clamor for 'human rights' is nothing but a shrill cry!" or you could go with "You sycophantic stooge, you have glaringly revealed your true colors!"

Via Yahoo News