Friday, December 09, 2005

Anina - WAP chick   posted by Razib @ 12/09/2005 03:10:00 AM

A model who for whom ksh/bash vs sh might mean something? Yeah, well, I figure I'd post something since Wired just did a story on Anina, who has her own weblog. I first saw her when Bob Cringely interviewed her for Nerd TV, and I'll admit I only listened to the first 15 minutes (Anina seemed nervous, though by the time I stopped listening she seemed to be taking charge and enthusing about wireless technology), though I'll also offer that the only interview that has hooked me so far was the one with Dave Winer. Anina is probably the only person who could marry Unix PowerTools and a Paris catwalk (she "wishes" she had invented Unix, it's the thought that counts!), so I'll give her props for that. And unlike "Libertarian girl," she's the real deal (and she claims to watch Nerd TV, and if she could listen to joyless Bill Joy droning on & on & on...more power to her).