Saturday, May 20, 2006

Miss Universe contestants   posted by Razib @ 5/20/2006 11:13:00 AM

Global Beauties got their shit together and finally put up a facebook of sorts for the contestants we know about. Despite the vagaries of image quality (some of these are glamor shots, some are only stills of the victory crowning, etc.), my 0-10 ranking below the fold (no more than 5 seconds viewing each contestant).

Update: Other opinions.

Albania 7
Angonla 5
Aruba 7
Bahamas 5
Belgium 5
Bolivia 6
Brazil 6
British Virgin Islands 4
Bulgaria 4
Canada 8
Cayman Islands 5
China 7
Colmbia 7
Costa Rica 7
Croatia 5
Cyprus 8
Czech Republic 6
Domican Rep. 7
Ecuador 7
Egypt 6
El Salvador 7
Estonia 4
Ethiopia 5
Finland 6
France 7
Germany 7
Ghana 4
Greece 7
Guatemala 6
Hungary 7
India 6
Israel 7
Jamaica 6
Japan 7
Indonesia 6
Korea 6
Latvia 6
Lebanon 6
Malaysia 5
Mauritius 6
Mexico 7
New Zeland 7
Nicaragua 8
Nigeria 5
Northern Marianas 7
Norway 7
Panama 7
Paraguay 8
Peru 6
Philippines 6
Poland 8
Portugal 6
Peurto Rico 7
Russia 7
Serbia & Mont. 7
Singapore 5
Slovak Republic 7
Slovenia 7
South Africa 6
Spain 8
Sri Lanka 6
St. Vincent & the Grenadines 6
Sweden 6
Switzerland 7
Thailand 7
Trinidad & Tobago 7
Turkey 7
Turks & Caicos 4
Ukraine 6
Uruguay 6
Venzuala 6
US Virgin Islands 6
Zambia 5

Comments: I think picture quality had an affect on who I gave an "8" to. I was tempted to give a 9 to Miss Nicaragua, but overall, the metric here is relative and I don't think she was a full point higher than the others I gave an 8 to. My own impression is that the variance here was less than in previous years, and was surprised by how few low scores I gave out. Props to China for sending an attractive candidate this time! After spending some time in the Hong Kong airport my impression is that for some reason East Asian nations don't send their "hippest and hottest." I think that the black and white photo worked against Miss Norway, otherwise I might have been bedazzled by her golden locks. Miss Finland might be an alien, but Miss Estonia is a canine. This isn't necessary from precedant, so I don't know if they weighted it toward ugly congeniality or what. India did not represent (sorry browns). In the "above its weight class" I'd give that to Northern Mariannas Islands (though I suspect that the contestant might be a black American). I guess Poland makes up for the other non-Russian Slavic groups, who did not represent (OK, I'm talking about Bulgaria).