Sunday, June 25, 2006

Muslims & Britain   posted by Razib @ 6/25/2006 04:34:00 PM

A long article in The New York Times Magazine comes out the same week as a Pew Global Attitudes survey which suggests that British Muslims are by and large nuts. The interesting point is that continental European Muslims are less nuts than British Muslims. Too bad American Muslims weren't included in this survey, as my general impression is that they are less nuts than most European Muslim groups (though the bar here is really low).

Update: A nice little survey of "American" Muslims. Quotation marks because it seems the methodology used (looking at surnames) is likely to be skewed toward immigrants and the children of immigrants, leaving out converts.

Addendum: In the comments:

The insanity of the British situation is that while there is an obvious failure to integrate Muslims, Muslim immigration to Britain continues apace. For the good of both communities, this should not continue.
I think this is wrong to the first approximation, and my reason is this: more Muslims = more segregation = more distinct communal boundaries. Reduction in the number of Muslims coming in though would lead to less hostility from the mainstream/majority and the eventual reduction of alienation as the threatening counter-culture is eventually swallowed. Basically, this is simply the "a little anti-semitism is good for the Jews" style of argument. It is arguable that what is good for minority communities and self-styled leaders is not good for individual minorities. Similarly, a little patriarchy is good for the health of feminism and feminist organizations, even if it isn't good for individual women.

Update: Jim Bender assumes that my assertion (implied) that continental Muslims are more rational has to do with jihadism. No, over half of British Muslims believe that the 9/11 hijackers weren't Arabs. This might be true, in which case the world I see and experience isn't the real world but a vale of lies. When individuals disagree on the basic fundamental aspects of reality as we know it there is no room for genuine discourse. This is the case with Creationists, they live in a fantasy-land and to them I surely do as well. In such a battle at the end of the day only one idea, one reality, can stand and breath within the ring (in this case, within national polities), it is a zero-sum game. Of course, victory is won if an illusion is driven into the private domain.

Update II: Gay American Muslims & faux-hetero marriage.