Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sex, Booze and Violence - Another tale from the Blank Slate   posted by dobeln @ 6/29/2006 07:06:00 AM

The Swedish government, a world leader in gender equity, decided last year to ban bars and restaurants from enforcing different ages of admittance for men and women. Up until then it was commonplace to allow women to enter at, say, age 20, while the men had to wait until they were 22 or so to get in.

Now, I know this will shock you all, but according to local police this exercise in equality has led to increased levels of violence in Stockholm. According to "Stockholm City":

We noticed that violence went up last autumn, that's why we launched an inquiry. It shows that when bars have dropped age limits for guys, they admit these younger guys who can't handle alcohol very well, and then you have a fight on your hands, says Lars Lehman.

Why, it's almost as if men and women were different or something!