Friday, August 18, 2006

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Too many to describe each of them:

"Genome-wide genetic association of complex traits in heterogeneous stock mice" Nature Genetics 38, 879 - 887 (2006) -- News and Views -- Interesting technique to handle correlation structure in the QTLs. They were able to account for ~75% of the additive variance while most QTLs found were in the 1-5% range.

the Nature Genetic miRNA supplement

"Dissecting the complex genetic basis of mate choice" in model organisms -- Nature Reviews Genetics

Evolution of primate gene expression -- Nature Reviews Genetics
  • Genes expressed in the testes have experienced positive selection both with respect to their expression and to their sequences among primates.

  • Gene expression in the brain has diverged less than that of other tissues analysed to date, but a tendency for acceleration of changes on the human lineage relative to the chimpanzee lineage could indicate positive selection.

Molecular analysis of flies selected for aggressive behavior. -- Nature Genetics - "Selective breeding was used to create a population of fighting fruitflies"*