Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nature/Nurture in Development and Disorder   posted by Coffee Mug @ 8/03/2006 04:33:00 PM

The new issue of Trends in Neurosciences is basically the proceedings fom a symposium on the interaction between the genomic and the "post-genomic" in the aetiology of brain disorders including autism, language and memory disorders, and epilepsy.

I'll be reading this hippocampus paper about how early damage could permanently pause the development of episodic memory capability, and some might be interested in this one about viral infections in the developing and mature brain:
A number of different RNA and DNA viruses can invade the brain and cause neurological dysfunction. These range from the tiny polio picornavirus, which has only 7 kb of RNA genetic code that preferentially infects motor neurons, to the relatively large cytomegalovirus, which has >100 genes in its 235 kb DNA genome and causes various neurological problems in the developing brain but is comparatively harmless to adults. This brief overview of some aspects of neurovirology addresses the complex problems that underlie an appreciation of the contribution of viral infections to brain disease.