Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Plot   posted by Razib @ 8/10/2006 08:12:00 AM

I just got up, but if you are reading this I'm sure you'll have heard about the plot to blow up planes by British "Asians" (seems like brown Muslims whose parents' emigrated from Pakistan). The only comment I'd like to make is that this is the major problem with childish fantasies like Patrick Boyle's of bombing the Middle East1 with tactical nuclear weapons as a solution to our terror problems: the monster lurks in the belly of the beast. What is easier? A domestic kulturkampf or global cultural revolution? We know that British Muslims are particularly nuts, probably thanks to a supine indigenous culture and an official policy of multuculturalism. Shifting the utilitarian calculus to the perspective of British Muslims themselves as a whole, will multicultural Leftists like Chris Bertram stand up for their allies when a culture of rejection and violence finally induces the majority to turn on the snakes in their midst, not distinguishing the good from the bad? I suspect that white supporters who made a tactical alliance with Muslim "community leaders" will quietly drop that connection, after all, it was never one based on principle but expedience in the interests of securing support against the "true evil" of center-Right politics and "xenophobia."

Addendum: I recommend everyone read Marc Sageman's book to get a sense of the matrix of necessary and sufficient conditions which give rise to the nihilism of transnational Salafists. These are a particular flavor of terrorist which emerges from the "vibrant" intersection of modernity and Islam.

Additionally, to see what I mean by kulturkampf, see this response to a reference I made to genocide in the Hebrew Bible:

Razib, your proof text from Numbers doesn't prove (or disprove) as much as you think. God's instructions to Moses there pertained only to that place, and that time, and only with regard to the Midianites. It was certainly not a general instruction for the conduct of war. So there's nothing in the Torah that a believing Jew has to distance himself from in terms of how we live today. (Non-believing Jews more or less distance themselves, by speech or by deed, from 90% of it anyway.)

This sort of immediate and sincere apologia is what we need from Muslims! I cited a passage where Moses suggests to his warriors that all non-virgin females and males of the Midianites should be killed after their defeat. And I get an immediate response as to why it shouldn't be an exemplar for modern behavior! Bravo! Over a thousand years of being under the boot of Christians and Muslims who would brook no belligerency in their Jewish minority will do that to you. Of course, some radical Jews start to play word games and label their contemporary enemies Amalekites, but that's a different story.

Postscript: Emotional outburst: fucking animals! Now, if another 9-11 does happen, let's restrain the impulse to invade a country in lieu of actually stringing up all the major Al Qaeda principals on the loose across the world....

Addendum II: I think the term "Islamo-fascist" or "Islamic fascist" leads us on the wrong track in conceiving of the "problem" that the West, as opposed to Egypt or Indonesia, face. A better term might be "Islamic anarchists." The imposition of shariah law or the creation of an Islamic state in Britain or the USA is as realistic as an anarchist utopia emerging out of violence which triggers a revolt against the capital class. In contrast, an Islamic state in Egypt is plausible because of widespread support at the grassroots for groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.

1 - Though to be fair such retarded D & D boy-warrior fantasies dominate much of the blogosphere, and often crop up among the local imbeciles here too. We are animals after all :)