Wednesday, September 13, 2006

GNXP Wiki   posted by the @ 9/13/2006 07:17:00 PM

Update:GNXP Wiki wants you!

We have setup a wiki to accompany the GNXP blog. The site is, and you'll find a link in the sidebar. The utility and wisdom of this decision is not yet clear to us, but it does seem like a worthwhile experiment.

Several overlapping functions have been envisioned for the wiki site, and perhaps you'll come up with more.
  • An encyclopedia of human biodiversity topics, without the edit wars

  • A repository/summary of GNXP blog content in topical rather than chronological form--to keep older material from being forgotten

  • An outlet for intellectual collaboration with more permanence than the comment threads; perhaps an incubator for new blog content

Anyone who has used Wikipedia should be familiar with the Mediawiki software we're using. Editing is open to anyone who registers for an account. (New account registration is currently open.) Like the comments threads, we're retaining broad editorial control. But because this is a wiki, that control also lies with you (alert us/me of problems). An initial period of experimentation is expected.

Update from Razib: In spring of 2004 I deleted the category template for Movable Type in a panic as I was trying to reduce overhead due to a webhost breathing down my neck. Since then many readers have asked for category pages. Well, here is your chance, add to the GNXP reading list.