Sunday, September 10, 2006

Multiculturalism in Europe   posted by Razib @ 9/10/2006 08:37:00 PM

Frontpage Magazine has an interesting symposium titled The Death of Multiculturalism (part II here). Long time readers of this blog know that my own views about Islam have shifted somewhat over the past 4 years in that I am not so terrified of Muslims ruling over dhimmis in Europe within a generation or two. But, that does not mean that issues do not need to addressed. Some of the analogies used by the FP contributors are ridiculous, but they and their fellow travellers address a serious and important question: the integration (or lack of) non-Western peoples into Western republics and constitutional monarchies. Over the past 4 years, especially since Pim Fortuyn's assassination, the rate of increase of multiculturalist hegemony seems to be decreasing (though my understanding is that the Labor party will likely win the next election in The Netherlands). In 2002 Jean-Marie Le Pen won nearly 20% of the vote in the presidential election, and right-wing populist parties have been on the march throughout much of Europe. European Muslims are by and large not part of the societies in which they reside, and to a large extent are recipients of massive government subsidies. It seems inevitable that resentments and tensions will come to a head, the question is not will the Muslim Question be addressed, but how. This means that the discussion needs to spread more equitably across the political spectrum, and the sooner the better.