Wednesday, February 07, 2007

World Haplogroup Maps   posted by DavidB @ 2/07/2007 12:33:00 PM

This link has almost certainly been posted here before, but it's still pretty cool, and we do have new readers from time to time.

It's a pdf file with maps of major haplogroup distribution: the World and Europe for Y chromosome haplogroups, and the World for mitochondrial haplogroups.

I came across it having read Razib's post below about Bryan Sykes's 'Blood of the Isles' theories, and I wanted to see what info was available about the distribution of haplogroups in contintental Europe, for comparison with the British Isles. The maps aren't really detailed enough for this purpose, but it does seem to my uneducated eye that the distribution in England is closer to that of Denmark than to that of Ireland or Wales, which rather goes against Sykes's thesis. The major difference is that the Y-haplogroup J (light green on the map of Europe) is moderately common in Denmark but rare or absent in the British Isles. But it is also absent in Iceland and rare in Norway and Sweden, while being quite common in France, Italy, Greece and Turkey. There seems in fact to be a definite gradient of increasing frequency from NW to SE Europe, so it can hardly be presented as a specifically 'Nordic' marker.