Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Do no stupidity....   posted by Razib @ 4/18/2007 03:09:00 PM

I am interested in evolution. As you know, I have "evolution" and "genetics & evolution" queries on my RSS from google news. Over the past few weeks nearly every day The Conservative Voice has been peppering my feed with Creationist apologia, sometimes, it is the majority of new articles google is bringing back! Some idiot named Babu Ranganathan is especially prominent in the production of this garbage (sometimes I get his columns from both the The Conservative Voice and other publications where he is syndicated, how the hell do you get a syndicated column when your homepage is hosted on geocities for god's sake!). In any case, a few weeks ago (about a month ago) Google News picked up my ScienceBlogs blog. For a lot of the genetics and evolution related queries a cute little cat is now staring back at me! But today, after deleting another retarded Creationist comment, I realized that I can date a spike in the number of these operational spams (often clearly cut & pasted from Creationist websites) precisely from the time when Google News picked up my weblog. So it seems I'm not the only one searching for and retrieving queries on evolution all the time. Months ago "amnestic" offered that all the talk about evolution on blogs was about dinosaurs and Creationism, and I chided him by pointing out that there was a lot of discussion of evolution in a substantive manner. I encouraged him to read The Genetical Theory of Natural Selection. But today I'm wondering if I was too quick and seems that most people care about evolution only as it relates to "Culture Wars," while the "scientific press" is content to show how 21st century genomics "refutes" 19th century hypotheses about orthogenesis or a chain of being....

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Update: Babu is not syndicated, rather, his columns get picked up now and then (e.g., he is a "special contributor." Yes, he is special)....