Monday, September 17, 2007

GNXP survey update   posted by Razib @ 9/17/2007 11:10:00 AM

I didn't smoke out any interesting correlations in the GNXP Survey. For example, can you believe that those with more education tend to be of higher economic status? Assman was right, my questions were rather boring, so the analysis was going to yield boring as well. In any case, I've put the survey results up as a cross-tab text file in GNXP Forum Files if you want to play with it. N = 449. Long time readers will note relative stability in the profile of users on the site. The only thing I will offer is this:

How long have you been reading GNXP?

Male, N = 384
1 month to 1 year 28.65%
1 year to 3 years 42.45%
3 years to 5 years 22.66%
Since the beginning 6.25%

Female, N = 63
1 month to 1 year 36.51%
1 year to 3 years 42.86%
3 years to 5 years 20.63%
Since the beginning 0.00%

Some have suggested we have erosion of female readership because of the sexism. What do you think? I think the N's are small, and the blogosphere was much more male in 2002.