Thursday, October 25, 2007

Former Miss Universe contestent weighs in on the Watson Affair   posted by TangoMan @ 10/25/2007 12:40:00 PM

The former Miss Singapore, Cheryl Marie Cordeiro, now domiciled in Sweden, takes a crack at analyzing the Watson Affair. She's clearly not a reactionary in that she tries to understand what Watson was saying and she goes to some effort to look at background information but along the way she falls into many of the expected traps that await those who rely on inaccurate information, to wit:
So, why do we need to assume that Watson is wrong if he says that "all testing shows that Blacks or Africans indicate that they are less intelligent"? Aren't we missing the small detail of how and by whom these tests were made? IQ tests, though widely accepted as a standard indicator of how "intelligent" an individual is, still comes with a white / western / male bias, because that is from where the tests originated. I don't think we need to doubt that white, western male scientists whose socio-cultural, historical and political backgrounds are different from those of the Africans or Black Americans. So, while these IQ tests cannot be "universal", they are often referred to as if they were.

PS: - If you have time to kill and wish to see the amazing Ms. Cordeiro model her outfit of the day, then spend some time exploring her blog and marvel at the limitless wardrobe she's accumulated.