Sunday, January 20, 2008

Two posts at Half Sigma, John McCain's daughter & Rawls & human biodiversity   posted by Razib @ 1/20/2008 10:13:00 AM

Two posts to check out over at Half Sigma. First, he suggests that John McCain's daughter is hot. I don't have a huge N, but that looks like a good picture, and it certainly benefits from any contrast effect, if you know what I mean. But you can't discount the photo, and her mother seems relatively well preserved. If you check out the video on this page you also note Meghan McCain has a feminine voice (apparently she thinks Barack Obama is cute). Second, in John Rawls, human biodiversity, and redistribution of wealth, Half Sigma is surprisingly sympathetic to a "liberal" position (I say surprisingly because anyone who reads the blog knows of his almost visceral dislike of liberals, though it is not without foundation from where he stands). I've been making the argument that liberals could make the case that Half Sigma suggests they should be making for a while now. Of course, my own values are not the same as John Rawls', so I can't deliver the redistributionist line with any sincerity. Because of my innate empathy deficit the "original position" thought experiment has always been a stretch cognitively, and I also don't accept the max-min rule as necesarily optimal (i.e., you accept lower total summed utility to maximize the minimum value across the distribution). But I do know that some readers of this blog of Leftish inclination have always held to this position implicitly, if not fully elucidated in a formal sense....