Tuesday, October 07, 2008

McCain v. Obama: turning cognitive elites to blithering fools   posted by birch barlow @ 10/07/2008 06:19:00 PM

I think a lot of the reason for the unfounded hyperbole that has been spewed by many people at GNXP and elsewhere (especially by myself) is that this election is just plain ugly...there are no good choices. While no candidate may be Big Brother, O'Brien, HitlerStalinTojo, or the devil incarnate, they are almost certainly amongst the worst candidates Americans have had to choose from in U.S. history (is worst 10 percent reasonable?)

While there has been a lot of hyperbole against all candidates, there has been also a lot of unfounded praise and optimism, I think in hopes that there is a bright spot somewhere amongst these four candidates. I think this is where some commentators and posters such as myself have been driven to hyperbole.

In any case I apologize to anyone who had to dredge through my inappropriate, polemical, and unfocused posts. Time to go back to science or at least non-tabloid grade history.

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