Monday, February 16, 2009

Younger people accept evolution   posted by Razib @ 2/16/2009 09:35:00 PM

The Inductivist has already reported that younger people are more likely to accept evolution. But it is also true that younger people are less Christian than older people. But does the trend hold within religious groups? That is, are younger people more open to evolution, or is that more secular people are more open to evolution and younger people are more secular? I decided to check Protestants and Catholics in the GSS broken down into three age brackets, 18-35, 36-50 and 51+ (the sample sizes are decent). I used the SCITEST4 variable, affirmative or not for "Humans evolved from animals." I also checked for those individuals in the sample who believe that "God Definitely Exists."

Humans Evolved From Animals


Protestant Catholic
Defintely True 11.6 22.3
Probably True 30.8 42.5
Probably Not True 17.8 16.3
Definitely Not True 39.9 18.9


Protestant Catholic
Defintely True 10.9 18.1
Probably True 28.5 44.3
Probably Not True 16.4 21.5
Definitely Not True 44.2 16.2


Protestant Catholic
Defintely True 8.9 12.6
Probably True 23.5 37.3
Probably Not True 15.7 19.7
Definitely Not True 52 30.4

All Who Say God Definitely Exists, Opinions on Evolution
Defintely True 12.3
Probably True 28.2
Probably Not True 17.3
Definitely Not True 42.2

Defintely True 8.2
Probably True 27.5
Probably Not True 17.8
Definitely Not True 46.5

Defintely True 7
Probably True 20.4
Probably Not True 15.4
Definitely Not True 57.2

I looks like there's some foundation to optimism here....