Friday, March 23, 2007

The well educated reader   posted by Razib @ 3/23/2007 11:21:00 PM

On the chat over the past few weeks I've been recommending that people just read the first half of The Genetical Theory of Natural Selection to get the most out of GNXP. I say this because I know time is finite, and it isn't like most people have time to read The G Factor, Hartl & Clark or Falconer. Though there is a lot that is wrong with The Genetical Theory of Natural Selection (e.g., a whole chapter on R.A. Fisher's theory about the evolution of dominance?), it still seems a succinct introduction to thinking about evolution as more than an open-ended description about the natural world (in contrast, Sewall Wright or W.D. Hamilton were both more expansive in their prose, whiel J.B.S. Haldane seems to be a bit scattershot and without the thematic coherency that one would prefer). Do readers have other suggestions? The amount of marginal time individuals have varies, so restricting to one book isn't really necessary, though for those in careers which require 60-70 hours (in which case, why the hell are you reading a weblog???) only one book is likely practicle.

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