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Beyond Finn-baiting

Over at my Substack, I just closed out a six-part series relating to the genetics and culture of Finland.

  • Part one: Duke Tales: shades of Finnish cultural weirdness in my own backyard (ungated)
  • Part two: Weirdness as a national pastime: culture
  • Part three: Go West Young Siberian: genetics findings
  • Part four: From deepest Siberia to Europe’s edge
  • Part five: Frontier Finns: cabins, rakes & Indians
  • Part sixFinnish brains, baiting and bottlenecks

(also, see my recent podcasts with Patrick Wyman [ungated] and Karl Smith)

One thought on “Beyond Finn-baiting

  1. I downloaded the text and sent it to my friend who really is a Finlander (and one of the world’s leading authorities on Beowulf and Old English literature). He really enjoyed it.

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