What is this blog? Mostly it is a record of Razib Khan’s observations, comments, and analyses on various topics.

Who is Razib Khan? A geneticist by profession. But broadly interested in history, politics, and culture.

What is his ethnicity/nationality? Razib Khan is an American citizen and raised in various parts of the United States. He is ethnically Bengali.

What is Razib Khan’s religion? He does not have a religion. Also, he is an atheist. He comes from a Muslim background, and was raised as such.

What are Razib Khan’s politics? Where the Left is, he is not. He will stand with anyone who will defend Western civilization and oppose the Left. He is personally sympathetic to classical liberalism.

Why is Razib Khan interested in such diverse topics? He doesn’t know. He just is.

Is Razib Khan a racist? He takes a classically liberal view that people should be judged as individuals, and not as members of groups. If you think that is racist… (he is very skeptical of the naturalistic fallacy and the is-ought fallacy)

Is Razib Khan an Islamophobe? He is not excited about traveling to Muslim majority countries, since he may be imprisoned or killed for his beliefs (or lack of) in those countries.

Is Razib Khan an elitist? He does not believe that people who are wealthier, more intelligent, or more beautiful are morally or ethically superior. But people differ, and they often associate with other people like them. Also, attempts at leveling and radical egalitarianism have been failures. He hates Communism as much as Nazism.

Is Razib Khan married? His personal life is not any of your business, but he has a conventional bourgeois nuclear family life.

Where does he live? Again, it is not any of your business. But he lives where he can obtain gainful employment.

What is Razib Khan’s favorite color? Blue.

How old is he? He is a younger member of Generation X.

What books would Razib recommend? See his GoodReads.

Who is his favorite philosopher? He is inclined toward Aristotle, David Hume, and Xunzi.