Daily Data Dump (Monday)

Blood tests bring mammoth life out of freezer. Basically it looks like mammoth haemoglobin was optimized toward function at lower temperatures. This obviously makes sense, we infer it from what we know, but it’s awesome that experimental science has gotten to the point where it can test some inferences we make from natural history.

Clive Thompson on Why We Should Learn the Language of Data. People should learn statistics. On the other hand, people sometimes cause more problems after they learn a new technique than before. This is not one of those cases though I think. Far too often one’s generalizations are falsified with one counter-example in discussion.

Louse story. The evolutionary history of these parasites is important for humans. It tells us about whether our ancestors had fur or not, and who they consorted with.

A Closer Look At Friday’s GDP Report. Yes, the recession’s over, but is it going to be V-shaped or U-shaped? The “smart money” still seems to be on the U, but the “smart money” has proven to dumb-as-a-rock before. But if the Greek situation goes out of control it looks like we should consider the likelihood of a “double dip,” an W-shape.

George R. R. Martin talks ‘Game of Thrones’ as the HBO show’s ‘Daenerys’ departs. Wide-ranging discussion with fantasist George R. R. Martin.

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