LaTeX notes

I recently installed a plugin that will allow me to render LaTeX. Mostly this is because I’ve long avoided writing out equations because it’s awkward in HTML, and it gets unintelligible quickly. This will allow me to explore population genetics in its “natural language” a little easier.

But I just noticed on my RSS feed view the LaTeX is not rendering for whatever reason. Where there should be equations or LaTeX rendered text there is a blank space. This is unfortunate, but I don’t know what to do about it. So just click through if you want the equations. If you are willing to “hum through” those portions it shouldn’t matter. The equations aren’t going to take up much of any post.

Also, Donald Knuth is a god. Probably he’ll think that’s blasphemous because he’s a Lutheran and all, but The Art of Computer Programming beats the Bible in my book!

5 thoughts on “LaTeX notes

  1. I used to like latex several years ago (~2001 when I got introduced to it, and for a while after that). While I could be wrong, I don’t know if it or facilities such as pdfviewers that consume its output have improved significantly over the last 15 years, and this stagnation seems uncharacteristic of most softwares. For instance it would seem natural to expect that it should be easy to search for “α ≡ β” or “α^{β^{γ}}” (superscripting) in a latex-produced pdf, but I don’t know a simple way to do that.

  2. “I’m not seeing LaTeX in my Chrome browser at this link”

    – I don’t think there is any latex there; it is in the previous post,

    P.S.: Unsolicited advice: the rendition at a page like is more seamless (stands out less from the rest of the post), and the greek letters there are copy-pastable. Of course, perhaps these features don’t matter for the purposes here. I don’t know what the difference between your set up and theirs is.

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