Amazon pepper sauce

Something different today when it comes to the condiment of choice. So I’m privileged to work at a company where the boss adds different hot sauces to our Instacart orders for the office. So we get to sample the good with the bad (usually not bad, just not exceptional).

You stumble upon some real gems in that way. The Green Amazon pepper sauce isn’t the hottest that’s graced my palette by a long-shot, though it packs more of a punch than tabasco. But its tart pungency gives you a huge wallop. Think the pepperoncinis you used to get with pizza or in antipasto. But livelier and spicier.

Overall a definite keeper, Green Amazon is literally flavorful, with tang and spiciness, and a bit of savor as well.

3 thoughts on “Amazon pepper sauce

  1. I recently tried Hotline Ghost Pepper Sauce:

    It wasn’t too hot when I first tried it, but I let it sit for about six months and it felt much hotter.

    By the way, do you refrigerate your opened hot sauces? I’ve never done so. Besides what I just wrote, I haven’t noticed any negative effects from leaving them at room temperature.

  2. Odoacer,
    The PUFAs of vegetable oils rancidify easily. These become pro inflammatory. I would examine the ingredient label to assess the risk

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