2019 reader survey

I think I’m going to do another reader survey. Whenever I do people complain that I didn’t ask this question or that. To preempt that I’m putting up this post where you can submit your question so you won’t complain later (no guarantee I’ll use your question of course).

6 thoughts on “2019 reader survey

  1. 1) On querying left-right “Woke vs. Patriot” spectrum, please include sub-category “It’s beyond horse-shoes: the Overton window has become a Mobius strip”.

    2) Query ability to parse tribal reaction to science journalism vs. commitment-to/capacity-for Enlightenment rationalism-empiricism, via question: “epochal Anthropocene extinction event is underway : y/n”

  2. I would like to know how many of your readers reside in their birth country versus how many are immigrants (including students, guest workers, and such.) A third option could be returned expats.

    Also, I was thinking about this while filling out the BP survey. What’s with the virgin question? Are you trying to find out if most of the commenters around here are incels?

  3. Re accomplishments. Have you started/finished/published a book?
    Got Paid:
    Nominal sum or nothing
    Less than $1000
    More than $10,000

  4. Genomics/Health
    Have you changed your behavior as a result of a gene test?
    What changes/why?

    Interested in this question because Genes for Good tells me I have lots of genes that increase chances of getting macular degeneration. I’m eating more veggies, but sadly there doesn’t seem much else one can do.

  5. I like the surveys that question the reader’s view on whether things like IQ, educational attainment, SES, crime, etc. in developed countries are more environmental or genetic in origin. One survey a few years ago had great questions of this sort, really forcing people to nail down their opinions.


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