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Nebula Genomics, 12-hour sale

It looks like Nebula Genomics has a 12-hour sale (as of this posting). This means you can get medical-grade 30x sequencing for $299. I do not recommend 100x because that gives you little bang-for-the-buck.

Nebula has had issues with timeliness in the past, so don’t purchase it expecting a rapid turnaround. But this seems like a good opportunity to get whole genome sequencing.

The main reason to do this download the raw data and put it in a lockbox somewhere. You have it for the rest of your life then.

3 thoughts on “Nebula Genomics, 12-hour sale

  1. I’m using this as an open thread since comments are closed on the last one and its original purpose is spent.

    It was amusing to see you refer to yourself as a “middle-aged parent” in your thoughtful review of Charles Murray’s new book at Quillette, even though you probably are finally old enough to qualify for that designation, as opposed to being a young adult parent.

    Welcome to the land of the grown ups!

  2. Should a healthy young couple without fertility issues who want to have a baby in 2022 do IVF and and embryo selection right now?

    If it gets us a 5 point expected IQ gain, doesn’t that translate to a bigger college scholarship in 18 years, and therefore basically pay for itself? Or maybe save in tutoring costs over an even longer period.

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