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My new podcast with Spencer Wells

Spencer Wells and I have a new podcast, The Insight. On the first episode, we’ll be talking about the Neolithic revolution.

We’ve already got several more in the pipeline that will come out in the next few weeks (being edited), including one with John Hawks. This will be a regular thing, so please subscribe!

Update: Also see:

Update: Here is the podcast embedded:


13 thoughts on “My new podcast with Spencer Wells

  1. Firefox worked fine for me.

    Great podcast, it was concise, insightful and had good sound. One could even call it pithy!

    I always say one interview with an expert is worth about 100 articles sometimes. Being able to hear tone of voice makes it easier to know what you should be paying attention to the most.

  2. I listened to it at work this morning, and I have several comments. Razib, stop saying “yeah” after Spencer makes a point; I’ll probably get used to it eventually, but I found it annoying. Have a better script to end it. Make it louder. I wear ear plugs (to block out the sound of machines) and then headphones over that, and I had trouble hearing some parts (even at max volume), especially when you spoke. Other podcasts (e.g., Econtalk) do not have this problem. Spencer’s voice was loud enough by the way; only your voice was too quiet.

    I really enjoyed the content and have subscribed.

  3. I would have to disagree with all that, I thought it was fine. You might want to switch to noise cancelling earbuds underneath headphones like I use – the buds function as an earplug.

  4. Firefox worked fine for me, sound was good, both voices clearly audible; if someone found Razib concurring with a point made by Spencer to be annoying, it suggests that they are too easily annoyed. I already knew everything discussed, but it was useful and enjoyable to have it all reviewed and summarised in a single discussion. I’ll be listening in for more.

    Only annoying thing for me was Spencer pronouncing taro as tay-ro. No.

  5. Excelent first episodes. Kudos to your sir.

    My only minor gripe with the podcast is the difference in sound levels between you and Mr. Wells.

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