My top posts?

The fact that platforms tend to disappear has started to make me wonder: what posts should I figure out a way to preserve for posterity?

Do any long-time readers have opinions? I’m not talking popular posts necessarily even, that I can find through google analytics.

(note that I have my full archives on this site, so if you want to some for something that you vaguely remember that should be doable)

16 thoughts on “My top posts?

  1. Not sure which among your posts are most worthy of preservation, but I do humbly suggest that one way to preserve your oeuvre in proper lithographic-aeonic worthiness-context, would be to incise said verbiage deeply and crisply in bedrock, using computerized laser, with letters as tiny as the rock-grain will structurally allow for maximum lifespan, the whole of which cutting process will at the same time also issue in an overall topography which will, when viewed from a distance, depict your handsome Desi visage. Yes, alongside your peers and brethren shall your memory and words reside and resound down through the millennia to come. Yes, and that would be as a rapturously welcomed (and perhaps slightly Larger) addendum to the extant panel. Yes, on Stone Mountain, Georgia. Yes, depicted with tongue firmly in cheek…

  2. tells inconvenient truth was a classic. I would divide into perennial and reflecting on recent events/science/etc which is often prone to revision.

  3. Is all of gnxp before August, 2002 lost? When was your first post? What about comments, how many have been lost?

  4. You had a layman’s man post that I have been unable to find time to find- lol, I have been wanting to share it with family and friends as an intro for them. An intro to intro to intros for those unfamiliar with science. It was very short and precise, possibly myth busting and or about admixtures. I might be sticking a few posts together..

    Either way 101s and updated breakthroughs, as well as debunking type posts deserve a special tag, imho

  5. Side note I see that a Stephen Pinker book is on your rec list and that’s disheartening. That dude is mainstream backwards neuroscience.

  6. he’s a cognitive scientist, not a neuroscientist.

    what are you problems with his science? (i know plenty of ppl disagree with him on psychology)

    in, general i think he’s a great public intellectual.

    (if you use search, make sure to look at “related posts” as they can be better than search itself)

  7. Is all of gnxp before August, 2002 lost? When was your first post? What about comments, how many have been lost?

    don’t know, but that’s literally 2 months of posts. i started blogging in april 2002, but those posts before gnxp are gone.

    i have all the comments in mysql.

  8. I remember a lot of great posts, e.g. the ones on the basques were a big surprise to many friends I spoke to.

    Now for something completely different:
    I’m coming to Austin for the AAAS meeting. I land on Wednesday 14 Feb and fly back to Stockholm on Sunday eve 18 Feb.
    Do you have time for a coffee or beer during that stay?

  9. The post omar mentioned (February 2, 2018 at 10:39 am) was very good. And gets extra points for saying that more than 7 years ago.

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